Idris Elba For Superhero, Please

Idris Elba is already a very popular man — I mean, just look at him — but it's about time he skyrocketed from "that dude both my mom and me have a crush on who's in all those respected movie" to... well, still that, but also a superhero. And hey, Idris Elba recently talked about his superhero desires. So why are you dragging your feet, world? Give the man what he wants.

Elba's been playing Heimdall in the Thor movies, but when The Huffington Post asked him recently about the role, it became pretty obvious that Elba's chafing at not having a starring superhero role all his own:

Well, I'm obliged to do it until my contract is fulfilled. But, you know, I really wouldn't mind being the lead in a superhero movie.

He then clarified that he isn't against smaller roles on principle, saying "I mean I always like to be really present in any kind of role and any size of role. It just reflects badly if you're terrible with a small role. So, I wouldn't say 'no' to smaller roles."Asked if there was a particular superhero he had in mind, he responded that "No, there isn't one. For Halloween, I wore Superman. And I was like, 'I don't mind this cape being behind me.'"We would not exactly object to that image Elba's got in mind, either. It's like when Tom Hanks expressed interest in playing a superhero — just give him any role. Any of them. Just throw them a stack of the first comic books you can find and let them choose. Just give them what they want. And hell, if that Black Panther movie is really moving forward, we can't imagine Elba's name not coming up in the boardroom meetings on that one. Because yeah, Elba's already being featured in Marvel movies as a different character right now, but really, if Chris Evans can play not one but four separate comic book characters, then Marvel can buck up and cast Elba as two.And if DC's looking to mix up something interesting in casting a separate Superman, we would also not object (at all) to Elba with that big "S" on his torso.