Is Donald Glover Too Old For Spider-Man? Pfft

News broke on Tuesday that Tom Holland will play Peter Parker in the next Spider-Man installment. This film brings Spidey back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will soon unite the famous web-slinger with The Avengers. However, before Holland's casting and even afterward, there was a large swell of support from fans for Donald Glover to become Spider-Man. Many thought his sense of humor and whip-smart brain made for the perfect Peter Parker. He also happens to be the voice of Spider-Man in the animated Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors. The actor, it turns out, disagrees.While speaking with USA Today, Glover said he's too old to play Spider-Man, commenting that, “If I was playing a high-schooler, a lot of things would’ve been wrong."

Glover also took the news like a real pro by adding, “I’m really happy. I know the director’s gonna do a great job. I think everybody’s heart is in the right place.” Furthermore, he doesn't seem like he's written the idea of playing Spider-Man off completely, “[Only if my character ages up] in the future, a Terminator thing jumping back and forth.”

Aw, come on, Glover! You're only 31! In fact, you're the exact same age as the last Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield. Sure, you might be a little out of the age range for high school Spidey, but don't shut yourself down. There are plenty of celebs who step out of the boundaries of age all of the time in Hollywood.

1. Ian McKellen in Mr Holmes

He's the latest incarnation of the famous detective in Mr. Holmes. It takes a lot to follow Benedict Cumberbatch, but we all know McKellen will absolutely kill this role.

2. Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!

She was 59 when she made the film. Not only did it have her singing and dancing all over the Greek isles, but she also has three men pining for her. Take that, unfair Hollywood ageism!

3. Helen Mirren in RED

There's something to be said about a sexy 64 year old woman stealing the spotlight in a blockbuster action movie.

4. Lenny Kravitz. Period.


This man is 51, and playing basically every role under the son. I don't wanna hear your whining, Glover.

5. Julianne Moore in Still Alice


Yes, she was age-appropriate for the role. But Julianne Moore was 54 when she won her first Oscar. 54 is the new black, y'all.

6. Keanu Reeves in John Wick

It has been 15 years since The Matrix was released, and Reeves proved that he can carry a big-budget action thriller. And also that he might be a celebrity vampire. We may never know.

7. Liam Neeson in Everything

He's the most bankable action star in Hollywood, and he is 63.

See what I mean, Donald Glover? Age ain't nothing but a number, so, if you want to play Peter Parker, there's no such thing as "too old." You do you.

Images: streepetra; mrchristianbale; pawntakesqueen; comedycentral/Tumblr