'Mockingjay' Made J. Law Cry

The press tour for the latest The Hunger Games film, Catching Fire, hasn't even concluded yet, and already talk of the third film is beginning to emerge. The first mention, naturally, comes from Katniss herself, in possibly the most fitting way possible: In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that the Mockingjay script made her cry when she first read it.

"I cried when I read the third script, I really did," Lawrence explained. "It was heartbreaking." As previously reported, Mockingjay — much like the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises did with their final installments — will be split into two films, 1) to maximize the amount of material that can be used and 2) undoubtedly to maximize profits. So, the third script doesn't exactly mean the end of The Hunger Games film franchise, but it does mean we're close.

What exactly made Lawrence cry, however, is even sweeter than the franchise ending: Apparently, it was the fact that she wouldn't be working as closely with co-star Josh Hutcherson in the third film (as spoiler alert: events in Catching Fire separate them in the plot).

"Josh just makes everything so wonderful," Lawrence explained, before recalling that she called him crying after reading the script. "I miss you a lot."

And just like that, the heads of a million JLaw/Josh Hutchinson fans — Joshifer, rather — exploded.

You can check out the interview clip below.