Songs To Heal Your Broken Heart

by James Tison

Sometimes, you can develop such high hopes for a relationship, only to watch it crumble before your very eyes. For whatever reason, the bliss you share with a partner can suddenly dissipate (blissipate, if you will...), leaving you to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and move on. Keeping friends around to support you during times like this is always important, but, one of the best therapies to help anyone get through the tough time is music. Fortunately, I know just the songs to help you get over that special someone, and they'll have you back to your old self in no time.

Look, it's no one's fault. Relationships end all the time, and, sometimes, it's beyond the control of either parties involved. People are complicated beings, filled to the brim with conflicting/ever-changing desires, expectations, and hopes. In the midst of a break up, it's easy to get lost in the who-hurt-who-first game and live in perpetually furious agony... but, at some point, you just have to let go of blame and live your life. One of the most helpful ways to find catharsis is to whip out your iPod, CD player, 8-track, or phonograph, and rock out to a break up anthem (or 20 of them). Whether you're rage-speeding down the freeway, sobbing on your bathroom floor, or silently curling into a fetal position on your best friend's couch, music will help you move past the pain of having lost a loved one.

To that end, here are seven songs to help you cope with the wide range of emotions through which you are probably cycling. You'll feel better soon, buddy.

"9 Crimes" — Damien Rice

Sometimes you need to cry it out, I get it — just don't overindulge. If you listen to this song on repeat, you'll be dehydrated within 20 minutes, especially if adultery was in any way a part of the break up.

"He Wasn't Man Enough" — Toni Braxton

Who is man enough for Braxton, really? Learn from Braxton's confidence, young padawan.

"Fighter" — Christina Aguilera

Do you see Aguilera drunkenly texting sweet-nothings to her ex at four in the morning? No! Now dry your eyes, blow your nose, get out of that tub, put the Pinot Grigio back in the fridge, and live life as your best self!

"Believe" — Cher

If anyone can teach you about being a survivor, it's Cher. All you have to do is open your heart to her transformative powers.

"F*** You" — Cee Lo Green

It's upbeat — and if you sing along you get to shout the 'F' word like 11 times! It's very therapeutic.

"Dancing On My Own" — Robyn

Dance like your ex isn't watching! It won't be hard, because they're not watching — they're gone, and you need to accept it.

"Rolling In The Deep" — Adele (Or, Any Song By Adele)

Just don't listen to "Someone Like You," unless you want to spend the rest of your life lost in a land of misery and despair.