12 Best Rihanna Music Video Outfits, From "Pon De Replay" To "Pour It Up"

They don't come any badder than Rihanna, and at just 27 years old, RiRi can count six top 10 albums to her name, each chock full of hit songs that once heard, will most likely never leave a listeners head. On stage, on the radio, and on Instagram (bless the day @badgalriri returned to our feeds), she consistently proves a force to be reckoned with, never bowing down to any mainstream conventions, be it in her music, in her fashion, or in her unapologetically Rihanna music video fashion.

It makes sense, therefore, that such a rebellious individualism is best seen in Rihanna's music videos, where music, fashion, and attitude all blend into one. Rihanna's music videos are always worth watching, as each assure a boost in inspiration, sartorial or otherwise.

Full of vibrant imagery, Rihanna's videos add stunning visual components that take her oh-so-catchy songs to the next level. Unsurprisingly (she is Dior's newest spokesperson, after all), fashion stands at the forefront. With every video comes an outfit that advances Rihanna's position as ultimate style star. She isn't afraid to push (and break) boundaries of the medium, creating memorable moments that prove nothing short of inspirational in both literal and figurative aesthetic. Meaning, after watching just one, you not only want to dress like Rihanna, but you want to be Rihanna — and that's fashion's power.

Images: RihannaVEVO/YouTube

All Chrome Everything In "Umbrella"

Umbrella” sets the standard for what makes a Song of the Summer. Released back in 2007, “Umbrella” undoubtedly still invokes chants of “ella, ella, ella, eh” whenever it starts to rain. The music video proves just as memorable (it won the 2007 MTV VMA for Video of the Year) — a marker of a brand new “good girl gone bad” Rihanna. Getting off the beach and into the ultra-glam otherworld of this video, Rihanna’s best look is really not a look at all — it’s simply chrome body paint.

Carmen Sandiego Vibes In "BBHMM"

OK, so the full-length video of “BBHMM” hasn’t been released as of the writing of this article. However, if the teaser clip with Rihanna dressed in an oversized hat, pinstripe blazer, and knee-high lace-up boots is any indication, “BBHMM” will be full of just as many fashion moments as all the other videos in Rihanna’s arsenal.

Desert Warrior In "Hard"

Rihanna rocks a few killer looks in the ”Hard” video, but this edgy ensemble stands out as a favorite. In tune with the “don’t mess with me” message of the song, the spiked shoulders, scissor sharp bangs, and bold eye makeup assure that Rihanna is not messing around. Moreover, it’s this video that marks Rihanna’s first significant foray into haute-couture, something that certainly extends well into 2015.

Gossip Rag Gone Glam In "S&M"

The “S&M” video definitely ranks as one of the craziest in Rihanna’s repertoire. In fitting with the song and its title, the video is full of not-so-subtle nods to, well, S&M. All the outfits get pretty crazy, but this dress, covered in mock headlines debating the moral virtuosity of Rihanna, stands out above the rest. Call her whatever you want — Rihanna doesn’t care what you or anyone thinks.

Model Mechanic In "Shut Up And Drive"

One of her first singles, “Shut Up and Drive” throws it back to vintage Rihanna, both in sound and in style. This video is all about mid ’00s glam, meaning lots of chunky accessories, a pair of skintight lime green pants, and a ripped-back white tee. Rocking her trademark bob and some cheetah print Louboutins, however, Rihanna somehow doesn’t look the least bit dated (even though the outfit screams 2007).

Bad Ass Beetlejuice In "What's My Name"

Most people head to the bodega in the rattiest clothes possible. Rihanna, of course, is not most people. She heads to the bodega in the “What’s My Name” video in something that can only be described as a Beetlejuice-inspired ensemble topped off with fire engine red hair and some colorful, oversized accessories. No wonder Drake couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Monochrome In "Rude Boy"

Rude Boy” is full of one pop art moment to the next. In its constant stream of color, however, it’s this black and white set up and get up that stands out. It comes as no surprise that Rihanna can pull off a jumpsuit, but it’s still cool to see her take a fashion chance like this one, proving yet again why she’s such a fantastic source of style inspiration.

Just Denim In "We Found Love"

Despite the overall lightness of both the lyrics and the Calvin Harris beat, the video for ”We Found Love” gets pretty heavy. Chronicling a relationship ruined by drug and alcohol abuse, the video and the story it tells, however, stand as one of Rihanna’s most beautiful music video moments.

The fashion and beauty certainly play a role, as everything seems covered with the most perfect Instagram filter. In the case of the denim jacket and high-rise black and white stripped bottoms in this photo, the desired effect is achieved with an actual image projection, in turn somehow making Rihanna and the ensemble even more beautiful.

Glittering Gold In "Pon De Replay"

The video that started it all, “Pon de Replay” absolutely deserves a mention on this list. The sparkling gold shrug top and oversized jeans aren’t the most representative of who Rihanna ends up becoming, but this outfit certainly recalls Rihanna’s beginnings as a Barbadian pop star just coming onto the scene.

Watching The Throne In "Pour it Up"

Pour it Up” is peak Rihanna. Forced onto a private listing online a mere 10 minutes after it premiered, the video features Rihanna in diamonds, fur, and not much else, lounging (and dancing) on a throne while various other women do the same around her. Despite such a description, however, this video provides the antidote to “Blurred Lines,” Rihanna serving as queen of a coven of women working it on their own volition. And that’s inspiring.

Rihanna Does The Desert In "Rehab"

Of all of Rihanna’s music videos (and singles), ”Rehab” is certainly the most underrated. Not only does it have some swoon-worthy Justin Timberlake cameos (he produced the track), but it also features some of Rihanna’s best music video looks. Nothing too over-the-top and full of old-school 1950s glam, Rihanna in “Rehab” is a Rihanna if say, Rihanna spent the winters in Palm Springs with Betty Draper.

Pretty In Pink In "Only Girl (In The World)"

Channeling her inner ”I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman,” Rihanna takes to the desert to throw her own personal Coachella (or maybe Burning Man) in the video for ”Only Girl (In the World).” As per usual, she wears a few inspiring ensembles, but this pink ombre tulle dress pops a bit more than the others. It’s perfectly in keeping with the background, but it’s so beautifully different from what Rihanna usually wears — sometimes change is good.