7 Ways To Style Your Hair This Summer

Even though I've been dreaming about becoming a bald beauty, until I actually get the courage to hit up my local barbershop, there is still hair on my head that I need to attend to. So adding a few new natural hair summer styles to my arsenal of routines has been a must. Not only are they a great way to switch up my look, but they also act as protective styles for any annoying weather that I may encounter. And since Mother Nature has been having a mind of her own lately, I've been encountering a lot of annoying weather.

At first, I would only venture so far as bantu knots, but more recently, it's been a combination of two-strand twists and reverse twists that end in little knot-like things. With the natural hair craze in full force, I've been able to find a few that I've worn and loved, and because I'm all about multipurpose styles, I've realized that these looks do more for you because we all know having natural hair isn't cheap (or easy).

From a style that's perfect for the gym to a romantic variation on two-strand twists, these 7 natural hair summer styles are sure to make it on to your list. And if you at any moment you get nervous about doing something wild, just remember that time Rihanna wore bantu knots to an awards show and slayed. Let the force be with you.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

1. Triangular Bantu Knots

If you want the ultimate badgalriri look, walking around in bantu knots is the way to go. But aside from how cute these triangular knots are, they are the surefire way to get bigger, looser curls in the end. Wear these for a few days before taking them out in order to extend the style.

2. Two Front Braids With Back Puff

If you're looking for a style that you can wear to the gym, this has been my go-to. Instead of just wearing those little two braids with one big pony puff, I've worn them with two buns and it's lasted just as long. This is a great option if you the majority of your curl pattern is normal, except for those two pesky parts.

3. Two-Strand Twist

What I like to do with this style is pull them back into little ponytails. I usually twist the bang sections back, with a side part to create a front style that isn't just pushed back. It's great because it leaves all of your sweet little baby hairs, front and center.

4. Jumbo Flat Twist Into French Buns

If you're looking for a style that you can wear to almost any event, fancy or otherwise, this is the one. Flat twists allow you to braid all of the hair in the same direction. So basically, endless possibilities.

5. Two Twists

This is a good style to do when you need it to last a for a few days. And with any twist style, the longer you leave it, the tighter the curl will turn out. I like to do these in reverse, so that they end on the top of my head. I turn the ends into knots — or as I like to call them, my horns.

6. Bantu Knot Braid Remix

I like this style because I feel like my hair is made up of about four different textures. So when I do something that involves two techniques, it takes care of both of those textures. I like it because it almost looks like a little crown.

7. Two-Strand Twist Pin Up

This is the style that I'm going to try this weekend. It's made up of your classic two-strand twists, but instead of just leaving them (or pulling them back), you wrap each one into a mini spiral, securing with bobby pins. The retro vibe that this style is throwing off is something I simply can't get enough of. I'll let you know how it goes.

Images: Dionysius Burton/Flickr