Third Time's The Charm?

This is not a drill. Okay, it might be, but according to Kim's mom, it's not. Eminem and his twice ex-wife, Kim Scott Mathers have reportedly reconciled and might be well on the way to rekindling their romance and a happy ending. The two have allegedly been spending a significant amount of time together and he's building her a new mansion down the road from his home in Macomb, MI. Maybe third time's the charm for The Marshall Mathers LP2 rapper and the mother his homecoming queen daughter, Hailie?

Eminem and Kim met when they were teenagers and were married and divorced twice because of Kim's infidelity, in case you forgot. Once in 1999 and again in 2006 with the first marriage ending after 14 months and the second in 84 days. Doesn't really sound like a recipe for forever-romance, but that didn't deter Marie Hartter, the grandmother of Eminem's adopted daughter, Whitney, from weighing in on their impending future:

They will probably grow old together one way or another, as much as he says he hates her in his music, he loves her that much too, I feel. I think it’s kind of like throwing gas on the fire. I’ve always felt that that was each of their one true love. I think they met very young, they were together a lot of years, I don’t think she’s ever been with anyone for as long as she’s been with him, whether it’s off and on.

Well if that isn't enough to make us feel obligated to make sure it works out between these two this time, I don't know what will. In the name of "one true love", here's a few reasons why Eminem and Kim might find their happy ending this time:

They've cleaned up their acts — That's basically what Recovery was about for Em and according to Kim's mom, Kathy Sluck, Kim has been clean for awhile and she's been taking good care of her family. Maybe without the drugs their relationship will be without some of its drama.

They're grown ups now — They've been at this since they were teenagers but they're finally out of their "wild years" now. Some people think age doesn't matter but in this case, learning a couple things over the course of a few years is important. Maybe like the fact that cheating on your husband is a definite way to find yourself in divorce court (cough, Kim). They may have developed a higher value for family by now. Can't you just see Eminem moving Hailie into college? I can.

She understands his situation — In 2010, Em gave an interview to RolingStone where he talked about how difficult it is for "someone in his position" to meet new people and go on dates. He's not a normal person, obviously, and he can't go out on run-of-the-mill dates or expect to meet any woman that doesn't recognize him for the star that he is. Reconciling with Kim would make things easy for him because she was with him on his ride to super-stardom. Hell, he sang about her almost as much as his mother. She understands the pressure of the media firestorm and they could weather it together.

It would really just be too good to be true, especially since Em's apparently forgiven his mom, Debbie, on his new album. Love is the glue of family, people.