You've Never Seen A Big Mac Like This Before

Fast food has officially reached a new peak of outrageousness. Don't believe me? Just feast your eyes on the latest food monstrosity to enter our lives, the deep-fried Big Mac.

That's right. You might have thought you'd seen every kind of fried food there is, but blogger Peep My Eats has taken things up a notch. The foodie has brought new levels of gross deliciousness to the traditional Big Mac by chucking the whole burger into a deep fryer. One word: Yikes.

For the brave souls who want to try this potentially artery-clogging creation for themselves, Peep My Eats has explained how to make your own deep-fried Big Mac. The ingredients? Eggs, bread crumbs, a Big Mac, toothpicks, a deep fryer… and oh yeah, a really strong stomach.

The result? Well, it's both highly tempting and really, really unsettling. Seriously, I feel like you need to say some prayers or do some deep stretches before chomping into this thing. Either that, or just accept the very high probability of a major stomachache coming your way in the near future.

Check out what this bad boy looks like below. As the photo caption explains, Peep My Eats likes his deep fried Big Mac with "extra mac sauce"... 'cause obviously.

I honestly have no other words for this except to those who try it: good luck and Godspeed.