Adele's Glastonbury Look Makes Us Glad She's Back

Adele is famous for two things: 1. For mostly writing and singing heart-wrenchingly beautiful and too-real emotional ballads that make you drunk-text your exes, and 2. her killer, vampy, retro-inspired fashion. I'm not sure if she'll be bringing out that buttery, soulful voice anytime soon, but she completely switched up her style when she stepped out this weekend for the first time in months — Adele's Glastonbury outfit was completely perfect. The outfit is the epitome of "festival chic" and has me craving her presence on the red carpet once again.

The voluminous, embellished tunic and muted tones suit her perfectly and give a very modern boho vibe that was fresh and unexpected among a sea of short dresses, fringed everything, and Hunter wellies. By pairing the tunic with minimalist leggings and ankle boots, it kept the outfit from feeling completely cheesy or passé. Her simple tortoiseshell shades and brown Chanel crossbody bag don't fight the embellishments on her top for attention, either.

While I would have been even more stoked about her appearance at the festival if she'd graced the stage, I'm fine with just getting to see her out and about again. After announcing in 2012 that she'd be taking a break, she's been laying low for the past few years and sightings have been sparse — I can't blame a girl for wanting to hide from the press and live life for a little bit!

Rumors about the direction of her forthcoming album have been circulating and it seems like she (and her outfits) might be back in the spotlight again real soon. Here's hoping!

Images: Getty; @madelizabethvintage/Instagram; @creativedisc/Twitter