14 Absolutely Overjoyed People Celebrating The Most Monumental Pride Day New York Has Even Seen

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This year, the annual New York City Pride Parade had an extra — and monumental — reason to celebrate. On Friday, the Supreme Court announced its landmark decision that made legalized gay marriage in every state of America. Two days later, more than 1 million people descended on the Big Apple to applaud the ruling with the most joyous New York City Pride Parade yet. In addition to their pride, members of the LGBT community could now celebrate their right to marry anywhere in the United States with equally overwhelming joy.

Whether it was attendees, parade performers, Segway riders, or even representatives of Walmart, everyone at the Pride Parade was walking on sunshine (and rainbows, literally). The mood couldn't have been more joyous if someone had released 10,000 Golden Retriever puppies into the crowd. Personally, I almost combusted with glee when cast members of Orange Is the New Black passed by on Netflix's float.

Take a look at 14 people who were the definitions of happy at the 2015 NYC Pride Parade.

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