'The Whispers' Theories About Drill, Minx, & More Explain The Series' Biggest Mysteries

You guys, I am totally, completely obsessed with The Whispers. Not only does it provide plenty of man candy from shows I used to love (like former Revenge star Barry Sloane and Milo Ventimiglia, aka Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls), but The Whispers has enough creep factor for me to be slightly uneasy to go to sleep at night. What if there really is some sort of alien life just planning its infiltration of the world using our children? Is there anything creepier than an evil child? I certainly have my own The Whispers theories about Drill and who or what he could be, but I still love going to the Internet to find out what other fans are thinking.

In the vein of shows like Pretty Little Liars, the Internet is where The Whispers fans go to talk about their own theories. Some are pretty cool, and though I know that we’re talking about a show about aliens and have to suspend a little bit of belief here, some are a little far out. In my investigative travels to find out who Drill really is (#WhoIsDrill is a lovely rabbit hole to fall into if you have 30 hours to kill), I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fan theories about The Whispers, along with my own commentary.

Minx Is Behind More Than We Think

Minx is clearly Drill’s favorite child helper — does that mean that she’s the weakest in mind, or the strongest of heart? According to GottaWatchIt.com, in the short story that The Whispers is based off of, the girl who would be Minx on the show is not exactly the innocent she’s thought to be. Because the grown-ups are so far behind on finding out who Drill is (they just found out that it’s not Sean, and like, guys, how would a human being control all the lights in a power plant? Come on), it would be an amazing reveal to have this darling little girl (and the daughter of a major player in national security) be either taken over by an alien force or be an alien force herself. Hey, it could happen.

Henry’s Parentage Is Questionable

So, Henry is the son of Claire and Sean, and Twitter user @xRach__ brings up an interesting point: How in the hell does Henry have red hair if Sean has black hair and Claire is presumed to be a natural blonde (I see no roots on that flawless head of hair)? I mean, I remember my Punnett squares from high school biology class, and I don’t see how those two people could create a red-haired child. Maybe Henry’s parents are not actually Claire and Sean. This would throw a wrench into all of the relationships on the show and could show why Drill is able to communicate with and cure Henry. I think all of the children that Drill comes into contact with have something different about them, though what it is I really couldn’t say.

Drill Was Responsible For Sean’s Crash & Is Living In The Wreckage

According to Facebook fan Donna Linas, the fulgurite found out the crash site can only be made by blasting crazy high amounts of electricity through sand — like a lighting strike, or maybe an alien who can harness volts and amps to do his own bidding? From the sound of it, Drill brought down the plane, right? But why? I would like to venture a guess to say that Drill wanted to take over Sean and failed somehow. Sean is obviously not all there, whether due to Drill or not, and there must be something in his mind that can be controlled, just like the children that Drill seeks out. Perhaps Sean being older and able to fight off Drill’s advances has something to do with his part-time lucidity (and his amnesia)? Maybe he's even built himself a nice little home in that fulgurite.

Who is Drill? Will Sean ever get all of his memories back? Will Claire and Wes turn out to be the show’s one true ‘ship? (The answer to that last one is yes.) I’ll be tuning in to The Whispers every Monday night to find out.

Images: Ben Cohen/ABC; TheWhispersABC/Tumblr (3)