15 Summer Cocktails So You Can Soak Up The Sunshine With A Boozy Drink In Hand

Thank you, sweet summertime. You give us ample reason to slow down, take a break from the daily grind, and refocus our energy on the things that matter most in life — rest, relaxation, and refreshing summer cocktails. Whether you like to relax poolside, beachside, or mountainside, one of these 15 summer concoctions will be sure to help you restore that inner zen that all too often evades us.

Yes indeed, this is your ultimate guide to summer cocktailing in shaken, stirred, frozen, and foamy formation. Cheers to summer, and some much deserved R&R.

Image: Fotolia

by Marion Bernstein

Grand Raspberry Peach Mojito

Step up your summer mojito game with this raspberry peach version, courtesy of Grand Marnier. Put your mint muddling skills to the test and follow the step-by-step recipe here.

Image: Courtesy of Grand Marnier

White Sangria Cooler

Craving homemade sangria? Pressed for time? Fear not, señorita, because SKYY Barcraft now makes a white sangria flavored vodka. Just combine one part SKYY Barcraft White Sangria with one part Prosecco, garnish with fresh or frozen berries, and boom… homemade sangria in less than a minute. If you can’t remember that three-step recipe, I suggest bookmarking it here.

Image: Courtesy of Brit + Co

Disco Cup

Spice up your backyard barbecue with this grapefruit jalapeño vodka-elderflower-citrus-strawberry-mint concoction, courtesy of SVEDKA Vodka. Find the full list of ingredients and step-by-step mixing instructions here.

Image: Courtesy of SVEDKA Vodka

Waikiki Coconut Strawberry Soda

Thanks to Bai5 Bubbles, you can transform any city rooftop into Hawaiian paradise with just three simple ingredients. Learn how to mix your very own Waikiki Coconut Strawberry Soda here.

Image: Courtesy of Georgie Morley; Bai Brands

Aperol Spritz

Pass the Prosecco, because this classic Aperol Spritz is the perfect touch to a summer garden party. Learn how to perfect your own here.

Image: Courtesy of Giacomo Fortunato

La Piscine

La Piscine calls for three ingredients: four ounces Bedell Cellars Sparkling Rosé, one ounce blackberry sorbet, and ice. Fill a glass with ice, top with rosé, then finish with a scoop of sorbet. C’est très bon.

Image: Courtesy of Rotisserie Georgette

Blueberry Collins

Nothing says summer quite like a fresh blueberry-laden cocktail — especially when Cachaça 51 is involved. Learn how to make your own Blueberry Collins here.

Image: Courtesy of Cachaça 51

Watermelon Fresca Cooler

If you love a good vodka-infused watermelon (who doesn’t?), but don’t love the idea of lugging a 20-pound watermelon crosstown on a hot summer’s day, well, you’re in luck — because SKYY Barcraft did the heavy lifting for us when they created their signature Watermelon Fresca Vodka. Mix one part SKYY Barcraft Watermelon Fresca with one part San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa, garnish with a watermelon ball and fresh mint sprig, and girl, you got yourself some boozy watermelon-y refreshment, without the hernia. Find the full recipe here.

Image: Courtesy of Brit + Co


I have good news, and better news. The good news is that the Airmail cocktail calls for a hearty splash of Nicolas Feuillatte champagne. The better news is that Nicolas Feuillatte champagne comes in mini bottles, so you can mix your own summer cocktail magic poolside without having to worry about wasting precious bubbles. Get the recipe here.

Image: Courtesy of Nicolas Feuillatte

American Dream Punch

I can think of no better way to celebrate blackberry season than with a pitcher of refreshing blackberry-mint-vodka punch. Get the full recipe from SVEDKA Vodka here.

Image: Courtesy of SVEDKA Vodka

Harvey Milk Fizz

Created by Top of the Standard and Tavern on the Green’s bartender Jaime Rios, the Harvey Milk Fizz pays homage to human rights activist Harvey Milk and long city summer nights. Get the Ménage à Trois Citrus Vodka-based recipe here.

Image: Courtesy of Ménage a Trois Vodka

Mr. Pepe

Tio Pepe sherry gives us another atypical version of the classic summertime mojito. Follow the simply refreshing five-ingredient recipe here.

Image: Andrés Nieto Porras/Flickr

French Negroni

Thanks to G’Vine Gin, we can relive Negroni Week all summer long. Follow this foolproof four-ingredient recipe here.

Image: Courtesy of G’Vine Gin

Sangria Rosa

Looking for the perfect summer brunch sangria? Well look no further, because Banfi’s Sangria Rosa recipe calls for fresh muddled strawberries and pineapple cubes, so you can happily kiss all Sunday productivity goodbye. Get Banfi’s sparkling recipe here.

Image: Courtesy of Banfi

Chelsea Garden

The Chelsea Garden is the perfect mix of London No 1 Gin with Aperol, rose liqueur, lemon juice, and brut champagne. Did I mention this pairs exceptionally well with sushi? Because it does. Find a variation of this refreshing cocktail here.

Image: Courtesy of Gonzalez Byass