Chris Brown, Please Stop This Madness

OOOOK. Well. Chris Brown. God dammit. This is developing rather terribly, isn't it? Because Brown threw a rock through his mother's windshield when she was trying to convince him to stay in rehab longer. So now he's got another three months of court-ordered rehab going for him because the judge saw that and was probably like "welp, that's not good."

The rock-through-the-windshield occurred during a family therapy session, of course. According to reports, Brown's mother was pleading with him to rethink his plans to ditch rehab early due to its poor phone access (sigh). Cue violent meltdown toward a woman who has repeatedly defended his various ways of pissing off the world.

So everything is terrible. Brown was of course thrown out of the rehab facility in which he was staying because he'd literally signed a contract saying he'd refrain from violent behavior, and throwing rocks through vehicle windshields falls under violent behavior.

A judge has ordered him to carry out another 90 days of rehab at another facility, as well as requiring him to do additional community service, drug tests, and some much needed anger management treatment.

Every new Chris Brown article seems to be laced with the tired sighs of the public, usually accompanied by exclamations of "when will it stop?" or "what, didn't you give up on him years ago?"

The thing is, though, as much as I'm not exactly a fan of Brown's (the seagull of righteous feminism still says it all), it is pretty damn obvious that he is a man in need of help. For his sake, as well as the sake of everyone around him, I genuinely hope he gets it.