People Share Crazy Things They've Lost Jobs Over

Getting laid off sucks (I imagine). Getting fired is worse (I know). A couple of years ago, I got fired from a thankless barista job for frequent bouts of sarcasm. OK, but seriously? Who tries to pay for a $3 latte with a check in Brooklyn? Who are these people? I digress. People sure lose their jobs for crazy reasons, as illustrated by this BuzzFeed video compiling people's stories shared on the anonymous Whisper app.

I guess, in retrospect, losing a customer service job for having a short fuse and dry sense of humor kiiinda makes sense. And honestly, getting the boot from that job was exactly what I needed to escape an unhealthy, cyclical situation. It got my ass into gear and refocused my brain on what I professionally wanted (writing) and didn't want (espresso dust under my nails forever).

But some other people have been fired for legit crazy reasons. As in, they were pretty crazy for doing these things and expecting to keep job security in place. I cannot count how many times I've felt like sneaking a nap or a quick self-love session in while on the clock. These are very real impulses but we learn to temper them so we can continue to exist and y'know, remain employed. Among those, here's some hilariously wild reasons folks lost their jobs:

Stealing people's food from the fridge

This isn't so crazy, IMO. This is 100% deserved.

Making out with their partner while at work


Drawing genitalia on customer cups

I did write my phone number on a few regulars' cups, but sadly never thought of this one.

Check out the whole rundown below:

Images: NBC; YouTube; Giphy(2)