Miranda Kerr Is Not Be Returning To The VS Runway

Guys, stop trying to make a Miranda Kerr/Victoria’s Secret reunion happen; it’s not going to happen — it's official. I know, it is so hard to let a good thing go, but it’s time to come to terms with the fact that Miranda Kerr will not be reclaiming her angel wings any time in the near future. According to E! News, the former angel will not be strutting up and down the catwalk during Victoria’s Secret’s Annual Fashion Show this upcoming fall, putting all rumors of any such reunion to rest.

"Victoria's Secret appreciates all that Miranda has done with the brand, and all the amazing things she continues to do with her own projects,” a spokesman of the brand relayed to E! “But there are no plans, on the part of either party, to renew."

Whoever is responsible for starting these rumors are clearly overly hopeful for the supermodel to reconnect with the lingerie brand. Just yesterday The Fix reported that a Miranda Kerr/Victoria’s Secret collab was in the works, detailing a $3.8 million contract and a capsule collection to raise money for charity. This, as well, was nothing more than wishful thinking.

When one door closes, a dozen more open, and Miranda Kerr has been doing just fine independently from the brand. With enough time to balance work and a family, the supermodel now gets to have her cake and eat it too. They don’t call her a supermodel for nothing, after all.

And the angel lived happily ever after.

Images: mirandakerr/Instagram (3)