Leslie Knope Makes the Cutest Danny Zuko Ever

Leslie Knope may have been recalled. All of her hopes and dreams may be crushed. But at least she gets to sing Karaoke with Jamm while Chris Traeger watches? Okay, that's not a great "at least," but it is a pretty hilarious Parks and Recreation preview clip if you ask us.

It's basically an extended scene sent forth by the powers that be at NBC, and it can tell us almost nothing substantial about the episode to come other than it will include the requisite amount of ridiculousness for a Parks and Rec. Here's what we can tell is going down:

Someone has convinced Jamm and Leslie to perform "Summer Nights" from Grease together, and that someone already had T-bird and Pink Lady jackets ready to go. (Something tells me that someone is Jamm). He sings as Sandy while Leslie does her best (and most adorable) Danny Zuko impression while Chris is dressed as a referee for some reason — perhaps to keep the usually warring city employees civil? She does look rather serious and since Thursday night's episode, "Flouride" is about Leslie kicking goals, it would seem that playing nice with Councilman Jamm is one them. Shudder.

Whatever the reason, the result is adorable, at least on Leslie's end.

Image: NBC