Donald Trump's Response To NBC Saying "You're Fired" Is So Ridiculous, You Can Hear Him Yelling It In Your Head

Another day, another Trump-tastically awkward moment. Well, perhaps "awkward" would have been the right word to describe Trump struggling to describe on CNN why he supported "traditional" heterosexual marriage Monday morning when he'd been divorced more than once; Trump's response to NBC cutting all ties with him is beyond even that. Seriously. Get ready to hear an awful lot of Trump's voice in your head, bitterly demanding to know why NBC thinks he's racist when he was just pointing out that Mexicans are "bringing crime and their rapists" to America. I ask you, world! What's wrong with that?!

"NBC IS WEAK," opens the statement (caps are mine, the tone is Trump's). Because sure, that's what shutting down racism is — weak! "NBC IS SO WEAK," the statement continued into its third paragraph, in case you didn't quite grasp his point the first time.

Oh, and he managed to squeeze a crack at Brian Williams in there, too. Here's the full statement:

There are not enough lawyers in the world to bring all of Trump's various threats to life, I swear.