7 Ways The Tatty Devine Dreamland Collection Is Perfect For Fairground Fanatics The World Over

Does the mere mention of helter-skelters and coconut shies make the small child inside of you jump, jiggle, and giggle in anticipation? Then roll up, roll up, my fairground-loving friends, to the Tatty Devine pleasure park-inspired Dreamland jewelry collection! Created in honor of the reinstatement of Dreamland Margate, the golden oldie of U.K. fairgrounds, these racy, tasty, brightly-colored bodily adornments will bring all the fun of the fair to each and every one of your summertime ensembles.

From luminous pink flamingo pendants to whimsical balloon necklaces, these acrylic jewelry pieces are tantalizingly tongue-in-cheek and all lovingly handmade in the U.K. Established in 1999 and boasting coveted store spots in both London's Brick Lane and Covent Garden, Tatty Devine has designed ranges for Tate galleries throughout Britain, collaborated with indie band Belle and Sebastian, and produced tour merchandise for Berlin electro act Chicks on Speed; so you can be sure that your décolletage is in very good company!

If you're still not totally swayed, here are seven reasons why you should inject some carnival conjuring into your everyday attire.

Image: tattydevine/Instagram

Show Your S.O. Your Softer Side

Whether you’re dressing for a first date or prepping for a fiftieth, this beautiful laser-cut Tunnel Of Love Swan Necklace will add a playfully romantic touch to the idyllic occasion.

Tunnel Of Love Swan Necklace, $55,

Why Should Garden Parties Hog All The Bunting-Based Fun?

Ever glanced up at a string of primary-brights bunting strung invitingly around the side if a fairground marquee, and felt ever-so-slightly jealous of its sartorial skills? Well envy no more, my flag-loving friend; this sherbert-colored necklace is the perfect boring-outfit-brightening adornment come rain or shine.

Neon Bright Bunting Necklace, $55,

You Can Wear Your Holiday-Hopes-Heart On Your Sleeve...

Or at least around your neck! A traditional trip to the pier is never complete without an armful of newspaper-wrapped fries, the customary “99” ice-cream… and a warming cup of tea to combat the blustery British weather blues. Ensure your teatime needs are met by getting your request in early, with this color-pop cafe sign-style neon necklace.

Seaside Sign Necklace, $47,

Prove Your Dedication To Horsing Around

Cut from shimmery, light-catching pearlescent Perspex, complete with pink rose mane-slide and delicate gold chain reins, this quirky little brooch could neigh-ver make an outfit look boring.

Carousel Horse Brooch, $55,

Be Perfectly Primed For Ice Cream All Day, Every Day

Have you every encountered that terribly tragic situation where a well-meaning co-worker inundates your office with delectable homemade sweet treats; then realizes that no one has any way of eating them? Step forward the trusty Ice Cream Spoon Necklace; with this florescent pink laser-cut lovely, you’ll always be two steps away from digging in.

Ice Cream Spoon Necklace, $39,

Show Your Enthusiasm For Adventure

Show your affection for exhilaratingly stomach-flipping roller coaster japes with this loud, proud statement mini “AARGHH” necklace.

AARGHH Mini Necklace, $71,

Demonstrate Your Film Buff Status

Or simply your popcorn pleasure, wherever you go. Whether you’re a blockbuster buff or an indie film aficionado, this pretty popped kernel pendant is the perfect way to show your appreciation for all popcorns sweet and salty.

Popcorn Necklace, $28,