Taryn Manning Goes Platinum

If you're an Orange Is The New Black fan, you know Pennsatucky's biggest beauty advancement was swapping her rotting teeth for pearly whites. In real life, the actress is taking some lessons from her character, sort of. Making a major, dramatic change, Taryn Manning dyed her hair platinum this week.

Manning, unlike her character, likes to keep her hair in the blonde family. But this white-hot blonde is brand new to her. She swapped her shoulder-length, reverse ombre look for a platinum long bob. Perhaps she felt like it was time to go white hot for summer.

Whether you love it or hate it, Manning isn't the first to hop on the bright blonde bob trend. Kim Kardashian dyed her hair platinum earlier this year, sparking a huge trend. I think that Manning likely made the switch to promote OITNB Season 3, which just hit Netflix. If you haven't started streaming, it's time to catch up.

The 36-year-old actress isn't the only one changing up her look to promote the new season. Taylor Shilling, aka Piper Champan, opted for a new lob as well.

While Manning changed her hair, the rest of her signature beauty look remains the same. She often opts for an edgier makeup look, complete with dark, berry lipstick and clumpy-long lashes. Her dark, bold brow looks like it's here to stay, too.

I wonder how long her platinum color will last — perhaps she'll have some fun and go mermaid? We all have to just wait and see.

In case you've forgotten what Taryn's different colored 'dos have looked like, take a walk down memory lane:


Who could forget her natural red blonde locks from the Crossroads era.

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Or her softer dirty blonde 'do.


I also loved when she made her debut as a darker brunette.

All colors aside, cheers to Taryn's summer of blonde!