Emporio Armani Sounds Music App Available Today

Attention both fashion and music lovers, there is a new smartphone app ready to provide your ears with catchy tunes while giving your eyes chic style inspo. The music/fashion/tech lovechild is Emporio Armani Sounds, available as of today according to Paste Magazine. Instead of playlists, perhaps this means soon we'll jam out to catwalks?

The press release describes the app as a hybrid "[combining] for the first time ... the fashion world with music on Spotify." Wait. So, basically this is the hi-tech equivalent of me reading Vogue with my chill playlist in the background? I kid, I kid. It's way more.

Harper's Bazaar provided additional details on the app and how it works, sharing that it will stream exclusive playlists from artists like Calvin Harris and La Roux, along with airing a variety of private interviews and live performances. Even better? New content is added weekly to keep things fresh. Sounds like the app is really trying to stimulate being at a runway show. I can definitely dig it.

And don't worry, before you freak out about whether or not your smartphone is compatible with the app, both android and apple products can download it no problem.

Time to turn up the volume and start jamming (err, strutting?).

Image Credit: Giphy