You Can Get Lilly Pulitzer Prints On Snapchat

Listen up, Lilly lovers, you're about to get a whole lot more Lilly in your life. You can now get Lilly Pulitzer patterns on your Snapchat, so social media is going to get a whole lot prettier (and, you know, preppier).

Lilly Pulitzer is famous for her bright colors and bold patterns, and now in addition to wearing them, you can have them printed all over your Snapchats. If you use the app at any of the 31 Lilly Pulitzer stores across the country, the patterns will instantly appear on your Snapchat automatically. It's like magic or something!

The social media meets fashion amalgamation is made possible by something called geofilters, and Lilly is the first fashion brand to create custom printed geofilters, so it's just groundbreaking on so many levels. "It’s such a visual platform and allows us to share our prints and enforce what we’re known for in a fun way," said Lilly Pulitzer creative communications VP Jane Schoenborn-Paradis.

The collaboration started last weekend, on the first official weekend of summer, and Lilly will be releasing new printed geofilters every month from now until December, so your followers definitely won't get bored of the same old prints. Phew!

Images: PSFK/Twitter; LilyPullitzer/Facebook