The Women Are Killing It On SYTYCD Team Street

Twitch said it himself during the first day of Vegas Week on So You Think You Can Dance, the women are definitely taking over Team Street in Season 12, and thank goodness that's becoming apparent. From fan (and my) favorite Jaja Vankova to Marie Poppins, Standing Ovation — the self titled (backed by many) Queen of Detroit — and many more, SYTYCD Season 12 is really bringing the female street dancing power. I truly hope the judges continue to recognize the women in all of their amazing glory because we really don't get to see enough female Hip Hop dancers on the series aside from people like the incredible Comfort, Mariah and a few others.

I've gushed about the amazing female dancers from Season 12 so far, but I still feel like we haven't gotten to the core of why all of these women are so incredible. Season 12 has shown us the most variety of female street dancers to date. And while the Team Street vs. Team Stage format has its flaws, the format definitely lends itself to more opportunities for female dancers to showcase what makes them so great. Urellis, for example, auditioned as a stage dancer last season but came back for Team Street after strictly training in just that style for the year.

Then there's Standing O whose popping skills are on point with all of the men this season, JaJa is actually a stronger and fiercer dancer than most of the contestants on the show. And then there's Jessica "JJ" who is a whacker that has killed it from routine to routine.

I am truly excited for Season 12's rise of the women on Team Street, they are insanely talented. And I actually believe that for the first time in So You Think You Can Dance history that a female Hip Hop dancer could win the entire competition. And wouldn't that be an amazing sight to see.

Images: Adam Rose/FOX; danceonfox/Tumblr