What Does A Tattoo Of An Arrow Mean, Because There's A Lot Of Different Meanings Behind The Iconic Symbol

Not gonna lie, there have been many times I've spotted a really gorgeous looking arrow tattoo, but every time, I've always thought to myself: what does a tattoo of an arrow mean? And more specifically, why did that person decide to rock one? Instead of asking them why, I decided to do some investigative researching, because hey, I'm a fashion & beauty writer, and when we're curious about something, we find the answer one way or the other.

When I was younger, I was really fascinated with tattoos and told myself I'd get a small one when I was older. Now, at 23 years old, I still haven't gotten one, but I'm thinking that maybe a small arrow tattoo could be it. Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin currently rock super small tattoos, and it totally works for them. I mean, a cute small little arrow behind the ear would be perfection, no?

Before I make the decision to stamp anything on myself, I really want to delve deeper in the meaning of the arrow tattoo and see what I can find. First of all, arrows can have a variety of different meanings, but I suppose that only the person with the actual tattoo can define the real reason why they got it in the first place. However, in general, and according to Tattoo SEO, the arrow is, "Traditionally considered a Native American symbol," and "one of the biggest factors in altering the meaning, is the way the arrow is depicted or placed in the tattoo design." Cool? Cool.

If arrows are crossed they usually signify friendship, and more specifically, "A bundle of five arrows typically designates strength, as a single arrow can be easily broken, but a bundle of arrows is tougher to break." I've seen a couple of friends get matching tattoos like this, too, and it was pretty much everything.

Tattoo SEO also explains, "An arrow through a diamond symbol can represent courage as one moves forward." They also say, "A solitary arrow represents defense and protection from harm. It can also be used as a symbol of movement or direction."

From these few definitions, we can establish that these arrow tattoos not only look cool, but they can have really deep meanings behind them as well. And to me, most of these meanings stand for nothing but encouragement and positivity.

Ready for an arrow tattoo? All arrows point to yes.