Your Sex Life May Not Be That Weird After All

Sex is such an individual journey that no two stories are ever going to be the same. However, there are definitely a few universally embarrassing things that happen during sex that are completely normal. Whether it's a random noise or a certain position, sex can often surprise you. Think about it — it's two people being completely naked, and touching each other. Things are bound to get a little weird. Usually, that's a pretty good thing. However, we've all felt a little awkward now and then during sex, right? You aren't alone in some of your experiences. The truth is that the things you're embarrassed about are probably completely and totally natural.

Remember that sex with a consensual partner can be an absolutely beautiful thing. However, it's true; there are times when it just can be ridiculous. There are certain things that may seem like bad luck when in fact it's just one of the natural side effects of sex. It's going to be awkward at times, but it can also be insanely pleasurable. Sex should be a fun, enjoyable experience. Don't let a small moment ruin the mood. Wondering if your awkward moment is out of the ordinary? Here are a few things embarrassing parts of sex that are completely normal.

1. Sounds are made

Between friction, rubbing, slidding, and grabbing, a sound or two is going to be made every now and then. It might surprise you for a second or two, but it's not the worst thing that could happen. Ignore it or laugh it off. Either way, no one has ever stopped having sex due to a weird noise. What a waste that would be.

2. Squirting can happen

Bodies are full of various fluids. Big deal! If anything, your partner should be proud that they left you satisfied.

3. You may like things you didn't realize you did before

Don't listen to what anyone else says. Your body and your sex life are your own. If you never try it, then how do you know if you hate it?

4. You don't always finish

Sometimes your body and mind are on two different paths. You don't always need to finish the race. While getting to the end can be THE BEST, sometimes the journey is satisfying enough. Don't get caught up with meeting a certain standard or goal — just enjoy the process.

5. Sometimes you need to lend a hand (or a toy)

Sometimes the person you're having sex with might not be the best at reading your bodily needs. Give them a helping hand (or toy) by leading them towards your sweet spot or simply telling them your needs.

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6. Toys don't make you a freak

There is nothing wrong with using toys in the bedroom. In fact, it can be quite a pleasurable experience. Shop around online to see what may be your best fit. Your sexual life is your private life. Why make excuses?

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7. Dirty talk can work

Sometimes a few simple words can send you over the edge. Play around to find the limit that you're comfortable with. Sex is an adventure — make sure you're getting the most out of it.

8. Accidental period sex

Ever have sex, and then noticed that the sheets are a bit stained? Yeah, it's the worst. However, you aren't alone! A lot of women have had sex during their period. It might seem mortifying at first, but there is nothing to be ashamed of and, in fact, may couples find the extra lubrication amazing. And, even if it's not your thing, remember — it's kind of normal for your body to do that every month.

9. You're just not that into it

Did you realize half-way through that the person you are sleeping with is a total tool bag? Yep, forget about that orgasm. That loser wasn't worth it anyway. We've all been there, but don't worry — you're not stuck with this person. If you don't feel comfortable during sex in any way (physically or emotionally), be sure to let your partner know ASAP and move on.

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