Got the Black Friday Blues? 11 Movie Characters Who Make Shopping Look Fun

Still debating whether or not to strap on your running shoes and power through that Thanksgiving turkey-hangover and hit the mall tonight for the best deals of the season? Look no further for your inspiration than the 11 film and TV characters on this list. Because they definitely wouldn't need any arm-twisting to get them off the couch for Black Friday.

If you still can't muster up the energy, you can live vicariously through these suggestions rather than put yourself in the middle of the mayhem. It's time to shop, or not shop, til you drop, betches.

Image: Walt Disney

Cher Horowitz

The most iconic shopper. (We're still waiting for her outfit-generator to actually get invented.)

Image: Paramount

Vivian Ward

Best shopping sequence of all time. Watching Julia Roberts tell-off that snobby saleswoman is golden, even after 23 years.

Image: Buena Vista

Rebecca Bloomwood

Shopping addiction is a real thing, guys. Swipe wisely.

Image: Walt Disney

Andy Sachs

If you've ever dreamed of raiding the closet of one of the world's biggest fashion magazines, this one is for you.

Image: Twentieth Century Fox

Troop Beverly Hills

The most fashionable Girl Scout troop you wish you belonged to. Where can I buy all of these outfits?

Image: Paramount

Carrie Bradshaw

The shoe queen herself (pictured here with a Manolo shopping bag) might inspire you to go out and buy new kicks. You know you need them.

Image: HBO

Lizzie McGuire

Because a blow-up, igloo-inspired, hooded gown is what we all need this winter.

Image: Buena Vista

Josh Baskin

Go ahead, splurge on those vending and pinball machines for your apartment. You know you want to.

Image: Twentieth Century Fox

Nick Miller

You may not have free money like New Girl's Nick Miller, but you can pretend if you empty your bank account and tote around a paper bag all night.

Image: FOX

Preston Waters

Blank Check was every child's and still is every adult's dream and the ultimate shopping spree to inspire your most impractical purchases.

Image: Buena Vista

Buddy the Elf

Not exactly a "shopping spree" per se, but Buddy's decorations in Gimbel's are enough to make me want to run out and shop till my feet fall off.

Image: New Line