'Batkid Rises' Trailer is Everything

It wasn't directed by Christopher Nolan, but this year's biggest Batman hit came from five-year-old Miles Scott and his successful attempt at saving his hometown of San Francisco. To celebrate the moment that made us all cry bittersweet tears of happiness, one fan created this amazing trailer, using real footage of Gotham, er, San Francisco, intercut with footage of the Batkid saving the city.

The trailer shows San Fran residents holding signs that read, "Thank you Batkid!" and cheering in crowds for the miniature caped crusader. Although Obama's incredible Vine isn't included, the trailer features the infamous Batman "uprising" music that set the scene for Bane to fight Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, but somehow this version elicits watery eyes instead of clenched fists.

The video's description states:

Miles Scott, a 5-year-old Leukemia survivor had his wish come true as San Francisco turned into Gotham City with Scott as Batkid. This was made possible by Make a Wish Foundation & the city of San Francisco.

One YouTube commenter wrote, "Brilliant. And you made me cry. Again." ...We don't think you're alone. Take a look at the "trailer" for The Batkid Rises below:

Image: San Francisco Examiner