Laura Prepon's New Book Might Surprise OITNB Fans

Before you get too excited that Orange Is The New Black actress Laura Prepon is writing a book, just know that it isn’t going to be the super awesome memoir cum feminist critique of Hollywood that you were hoping for. Nope. It’s a diet book. Co-authored with nutritionist Elizabeth Troy, The Stash Plan offers up a 21-day diet plan, complete with “stashes” of food to bring with you, and a stretching regimen that, as the website claims, “is the key to shedding stubborn weight for good and achieving overall wellness.”

It might not be the book OINTB fans were hoping for, but, according to a press release quoted on Celebuzz, Prepon is passionate about the subject. “Throughout my life, I have tried many different diet plans, but none of them ever explained the underlying reasons for my weight issues and lack of energy … I’m passionate about sharing this revolutionary way of eating and healing with the world.”

According to Cosmopolitan, the book comes out of Prepon’s own work with Troy to find a diet plan that worked for her. Prepon first mentioned the book in an interview with Natural Awakenings in May, citing her own struggle with illness as the motivation for the book. “The reason I decided to write a book was because I’ve been struggling with a bunch of different ailments in secret for a long time. When I began working with my integrated health coach, Elizabeth Troy, I started to heal for the first time in all the years of reading books on health, diet and fitness, seeing doctors, taking loads of pills and spending crazy amounts of money on all of these activities. I want to help people struggling to regain their health to get answers,” said Prepon.

In addition to creating weekly "stashes" of food and 20-minute stretching sessions, the diet plan encourages organic foods, or specifically "organic, anti-oxidant packed and macro-and micro-nutrient balanced meals," which, at least for Prepon, apparently means a lot of soups and broths. The website for the book claims that the diet focuses on stimulation of the liver and gall bladder. What that means is beyond me, and if you want to know, I guess you'll just have to read the book. The book is due to hit bookstores in March 2016.