This Millennials Video Hits The Spot

"They're like pets that do work sometimes!" Ah, Millennials. A new article is written about the Millennial "problem" everyday, and it seems like the media approaches us like an alien species. How do Millennials think? How do Millennials act? How can we get Millennials to work hard, like older generations?

Official Comedy's "Millennials in the Workplace Training Video" manages to poke fun at a bunch of stereotypes, including our need for praise and our inability to be anywhere before 10 a.m.. The video is too self-aware to actually be offensive. One young female office worker is referred to as "Sheryl Sandberg," and another Millennial employee gets to take off on a "three-week Argentinian surf-spirit quest."

And just when you thought things couldn't get more hilarious, Official Comedy made another silly video, "Millennials Guide To Baby Boomers: A Response." Yup, we're actually working harder than it seems. The whole storm around Millennials is silly because every generation has its own little quirks, but it doesn't mean all of us who are younger than 30 are lazy and self-involved. In fact, if you give us a little praise and all the mental health days we want, we might just surprise you.

Don't fire us yet!