7 Times Kim And Kanye Dressed Like #Twinsies

by Charmaine Simmons

I will be the first to admit that my favorite celebrity couple is Kim and Kanye (aka, Kimye). I seriously cried tears of joy when I found out that Kimye is having a baby boy. I mean, Kim Kardashian is my sister in my mind, so this is huge family news (please go along with my fantasies, y'all).

In all honesty, I have never been the type of person who wants to match with their significant other until I saw Kim and Kanye do the #twinsies thing. Love or hate Kimye, you have to give them props for their great sartorial choices. Their matching and coordinating outfits are, quite simply, outstanding.

Kimye is always color coordinating, and I am so on board with this. I really become the heart eye emoji when they wear matching looks with North. While everyone else is thinking about whether or not the West-Kardashians' new baby boy will be called South, I am brainstorming matching looks for the entire family to wear. In my heart, I know that Kim K and Kanye are already planning coordinating outfits to sport with the new addition to the family. But am I the only one excited about this?

Here are just seven photos of Kim and Kanye being twins that will make you want to match with your boo at least once.

1. Balmain Twins

Balmain is one of my favorite fashion brands, which makes me love these looks even more. This show-stopping couple is known to always rock the most expensive, extravagant garms; but these outfits brings things to a whole other level.

Kardashian is donning a Balmain blazer as a dress while Yeezy is rocking a very similar Balmain blazer with an otherwise navy blue ensemble. I just have one question: Can I borrow your blazer dress, Kim? So fab.

2. Just Married

I instantly added matching leather jackets to my dream wedding list when I saw this photo. Kim K and Kanye rocked matching leather jackets in their wedding reception photos, and I was completely smitten. Nothing screams edgy couple more than wearing matching leather together. I think you might just have started a new wedding trend, Kimye.

3. All Black Everything

"All black everything; no funeral." OK, let me stop reciting rap lyrics. Anyway, this all black look kind of reminds me of the Addams family but in a good way. Kardashian and Kanye are known to rock the simplest color palette, but I am a fan of this look.

The detailing of Kim K's gown is beautiful, especially with the high neckline; and Kanye looks quite dapper in his all black suit as well. I might just take a cue from the Wests and plan a similar matching look with my boyfriend. Wanna match with us, Kimye?

4. Love For The Plunge

This couple is certainly in love with each other as well as the plunging deep V. The Wests have been seen rocking matching plunging necklines several times, but this one is my favorite. Perhaps I love this look because it was from their wedding weekend, and I like to pretend I was there. Where was my invite, Kimye?

5. Denim With The Peacoat

This is the most casual look out of the bunch and I am obsessed. I have been lusting distressed denim jeans like Kim's ever since I saw this look. The matching navy blue pea coats make things even more chic. This picture just screams "street style blogger couple" photo. They should totally start a fashion blog together!

6. Matching Givenchy

As I stated earlier, this couple is all about wearing chic designers to lavish events, which makes this look even more exceptional. Kimye wore matching Givenchy to Riccardo Tisci's 40th birthday party. The Wests love to match and donning the same color, texture, and designer to events like these is a prime example. Let me tag along to the party next time, Kimye!

7. Family Affair

I must say, any photo that contains North West instantly becomes an adorable image. Anyway, the West family decided to wear all white to church one random Sunday and it is simply heartwarming. Nothing is more beautiful than a mother and father matching with their little one. Rapper Dej Loaf said that she wears all white when she is feeling godly. I believe this is how Yeezus and his clan felt this Sunday. I love it, Kimye and North!

Images: kimkardashian, khloekardashian, teamkimye, ikimyedaily/Instagram