9 Cross-Stitch Tattoos That You'll Love

For those of us who have been relentlessly teased for shamelessly enjoying grandma-eque activities such as cross-stitch and knitting (its therapeutic, okay?), we’re about to have the last laugh, my friends. Introducing Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk’s cross-stitch tattoos, the latest ink trend that is taking Instagram by storm, re-instating the oldest form of embroidery’s cool factor.

The artist’s designs are simple, yet the unique style and intimate detailing is what continues to attract clients. Krbdk's creativity ranges from simple hearts and shapes to cartoon characters.

My mother and aunts were cross-stitch pros. They would sit for hours sipping tea and lose themselves in their needlework. Ironically enough, they aren't the biggest fans of tattoo culture. Who would have thought that years later their after hours hobby would transition into the world of body art?

There is pretty much nothing better than an art on art collaboration. I was never one particularly in favor of "getting inked" myself. I do not do well with pain, and the only place I could even picture myself locating a tattoo on my body would be on my hip. All the excruciating feels. Lately, though, I've started to envy those who have enough tolerance to endure it, because tattoos are becoming better and better as time goes on.

Take a look at some of Eva Krbdk's work below, along with a few tattoo junkies who copied the look. Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself at your nearest tattoo shop with your grandma's needlepoint in hand. Think about it.

1. Stitch Up My Heart

My achy, breaky heart.

2. A Rose By Any Other Name

Would smell as sweet, but probably wouldn't look this cool.

3. This Old School Appliance

Met old school art and got inked.

4. Elephant Ink

Something she'll never forget.

5. Imperfection Is Beauty, Madness Is Genius

And this Marilyn Monroe ink is flawless.

6. Captain America

Not a perfect soldier, but a good man with even better ink.

7. Pokemon

Gotta ink 'em all.

8. Cross-stitch Mario

It's ah me!

9. In Memory Of Grandma

And probably her favorite pastime.

Images: @evakrdbk/Instagram(10)