Shop And Box Lets You Buy Designer Goods For Less

If the stateside prices and availability for cult Korean beauty products or a new Chanel chain wallet have got you down, there's a new website ready to bring you whatever you want from around the globe for less. Racked just revealed a shopping game-changer site called Shop and Box that lets you legally get designer products for less because they're purchased in their country of origin and then sent to you. Think Tinder for international personal shopping pals.

The 19-month-old company describes itself as a "peer to peer shopping service," and works by hooking you up with locals in 16 countries for basically anything your heart desires. No more agonizing (and expensive) searches for your favorite Korean beauty products or French skincare!

The site's layout is pretty easy to follow, and genuinely not sketch. For instance, if I wanted lipstick from Japan, the site would connect me with a multilingual Japanese "boxer" with interests in makeup. Once I've got my "boxer," she'd give me the deets on all the cool lipstick products available in her region that I'd otherwise never have access to and, one PayPal transaction later, I have exclusive Japanese lipstick on my American doorstep.

You can even score solid discounts within the United States! Racked pointed out how "shoppers in states with high tax rates have been using the service to purchase high-price items state-side with no tax rates." Whoa. Oh, and not that you need more convincing to check the site, but here are some pics from their IG to let you drool over international products you didn't even know you needed:

Image Credit: ShopAndBox/Instagram