Kanye Does Not Dictate Kim's Fashion Choices

Kim Kardashian has been on a fierce as heck fashion kick lately, and the person to thank is probably someone you've never heard of. Elle snagged an interview with little known Jenke Ahmed Tailly, who intentionally flies under the fame radar. Not only did he spill the details on his work strategy, but Kim Kardashian's fab stylist also revealed that Kanye doesn't dictate her fashion choices.

Amidst the constantly buzzing world of social media, Tailly is a breath of fresh air proving ambition, talent, and hustle really are more important than follower counts. He told Elle, "I like to do my work quietly ... I only just joined Instagram recently [and] all of my friends were yelling at me because I haven't posted anything yet or accepted any followers." While I'm bummed I can't follow him, I super love his low-key attitude.

On working with Kardashian and putting any Kanye control rumors to rest, Tailly shared, "being African, I particularly find her body proportions so beautiful. But also, like Beyoncé, Kim is a perfect example of a person who is so internally beautiful, with such great values and work ethic ... I need to understand who you are, what you like, what kind of a woman you want to be, and with Kim, it’s: how do you move the woman power narrative forward? "

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As for Kanye, he added, "people think he dictates what she wears, but that's not the case ... I think the person she loves to please first is her husband. So his opinion does matter—he might suggest something or give us an opinion about something we're not sure about—but she knows what she likes." #GirlPower

P.S. Tailly was the stylist behind Kim Kardashian's Proenza Schouler gown at the CFDA Awards. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Image Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram