H&M Opens Six Week Pop-Up Shop In London

by Eliza Florendo

H&M has done it again: in the same vein of expanding internationally, H&M is rolling out a pop-up shop in East London for six weeks to celebrate their new '90s-inspired collection. The shop has been situated in the Old Truman Brewery since June 23 and will continue until the end of the period.

The new summer collection, called Divided Loves Music, will not only host a pop-up of clothes, but will have an array of activities, from music performances, to DJ sets, to jewelry design workshops. That's right, a place you can shop, listen to music, and learn to make your own jewels. Definitely a good way to get people in your store! Sprawling 1,100 square feet, you'll definitely have lots to explore.

Nail and body art will also be offered, so get ready to get decked out from head and toe. To top it all off, Foxes, the British singer-songwriter, is the face of the campaign, and is also the inspiration behind the collection, according to WWD. Inside the pop up, you'll find "raw, concrete scaffolding features, neon and linear lighting, and an indoor wall mural among the monochrome color palette," according to WWD.

As for prices, don't fret—they stay true to H&M's signature low costs. Cropped shirts will go for $12.59, while a waistcoat will retail for $62.84. Country manager of H&M U.K. Carlos Duarte told WWD, “By launching a pop-up in East London we have the opportunity to offer H&M’s Divided collection to such a diverse range of shoppers and fashion lovers in an innovative and fun way."

I totally support H&M's efforts to make the shopping experience just that—an experience. A shopper that's interested in fashion is most likely also interested in aesthetics, music, and art, and combining all of these things in one venue is pretty genius. Rather than selling just clothes, they're selling a lifestyle. Pretty good marketing campaign, and fun for those who attend.

Images: @jem_ars88, @oldtrumanbrewery/Instagram