Pinterest Will Launch Buyable Pins This Month

It seems like everyone's jumping on the bandwagon of joining social media and e-commerce these days. And it makes sense—why not be able to buy right then when you see a product you're into that a blogger is rocking, or that your peers are eyeing and pinning? Now, one of social media's biggest juggernauts, Pinterest, is launching buyable pins, and seriously, I'm actually concerned for my wellbeing and my bank account.

Basically, when you're on Pinterest, you'll see a pin with a blue price, whether it's on your board, someone else's, or on the homepage. This indicates that duh, you can buy it. Search filters at the top can help you narrow down choices too, which is always nice, so you don't have to dig through thousands upon thousands of jackets. Of course, this is Pinterest, so if you're not ready to commit just yet, you can always pin for later.

There's also a "Shop our picks" tab, where you can browse Pinterest's top picks. To see all of the shoppable pins, you can click on the "shop" category. Pretty easy and intuitive. Once you're ready to check out, click "buy," and you can either pay with a card or use Apple Pay.

I hope you're taking note of this, because in the next month, 30 million pins all over Pinterest will be shoppable. Yeah, good luck to you and me both. Retailers like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus will have buyable pins, along with stores on Shopify.

The caveat that makes this truly dangerous for me is that Pinterest covers every. single. vertical. Fashion? Yep. Beauty? You got it. Recipes? That too. For the home? That's my biggest Pinterest page. Art? Music? Yeah, it's got it all. Which means all of the things I want to buy are staring at me in the face, just one click away. Shoppable pins are coming to the Pinterest app in just a few weeks, so make sure to update your phones accordingly. Happy pinning, and subsequently, happy shopping!

Images: @venturebeat/Twitter