11 After Beach Hair & Skin Care Products That'll Soothe Your Sun-Soaked Self

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As fun as it is to spend an entire day at the beach or pool, all of that time in the sun and salt or chlorinated water can actually wreak havoc on your after beach skin and hair. If you've ever noticed how ironically thirsty you become splashing around in the water, it's because all three of these factors can dehydrate you — skin and hair included. And while there are measures to take to lessen the harmful effects of the sun, sea, and pool water, after-care is just as important as prevention. To keep skin and hair healthy and hydrated it's all about replenishing lost moisture, neutralizing chemicals, and maintaining balance. So to ensure that no day at the beach ends with flaky, itchy skin and brittle, frizzy hair, here are 11 products to add to your summer beauty arsenal.

Image: @vitacoco/Instagram

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