11 Ways To Style Your Short Hair When It Feels Bland And You Need A Sprucing Up Change

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There comes a point, for almost every haircut, when boredom sets in. Battling how to style a short hair cut can be especially difficult. Sure, there are a myriad of reasons to love short hair: It's cool, takes much less product, and usually goes a long way toward highlighting your facial features. But, when you find yourself looking in the mirror, feeling rather blasé about your cut, you quickly realize your hands are a little bit tied. It's not like you can visit your stylist and lob it off — it's already short.

Unfortunately, ladies (and gents) who rock short hair have other limitations due to their cuts. Braiding anything shorter than chin length can be tedious and troublesome, and ponytails don't always want to stay where you put them, or have to be split into pigtails. Plus, if you're in the midst of the awkward stage that is growing out your short hair, you may simply be at a loss for how to make things manageable.

But don't stress — you have options. Even on the days when nothing about your short hair feels appealing, there's still hope. Here are a variety of ways to spruce up your short hair, no matter what style you're currently rocking.

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