11-Year-Old Sends Best Breakup Text Of All Time

What were you doing when you were 11? I was hosting all night Friends watching marathons and egg fights at the park (yes, it is what it sounds like, we ran around throwing whole eggs at one another). I dressed in my cousin's hand-me-downs, which consisted of floral bike shorts and huge, oversized t-shirts with dolphins on them or vacation slogans like "Welcome to Fiji". My hair was long and big and out of control and I always had bruises on my knees. I was just starting to notice boys, although I definitely didn't have the wherewithal to understand relationships. I had a "boyfriend" called Kim and we basically just stood near each other sometimes. I would never have known to be as sassy as this eleven-year-old girl who sent the best break-up text, screengrabbed and preserved by her older sister.

I don't even think text messaging was a thing when I was 11. I was still instructing pixellated Kings Quest 4 characters around using written commands. I definitely did not have a mobile phone. When my parents dropped me off at the movies they'd give me twenty cents to call them form a payphone when the movie was over. It was a different time. But this "together" 11-year-old has a sister, 17-year-old Madi Nickens, who posted her breakup text to Twitter (when I was 17 we didn't have social media either, teenagers these days are weird). As you can see, preteen did it with Beyoncé level attitude:

My favorite part is when she says [sic] "Ding ding ding oh what was that oh yeah the elevator cos your not on my level." I really hope Solange said the same thing to Jay-Z at some point.

Here are a few more really great break-up and post-relationship texts that may or may not be real:

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Images: El Alvi /Flickr; Giphy