Sassy Breakups To Makeups Line Is Doing Tees Now

Breakups to Makeup is known for its sassy, fun-to-carry makeup bags, since they boast bratty, fresh sayings, like, "Losing you hurt, but losing my makeup bag would be a tragedy." The too-cute brand is expanding so that you can accessorize with more sass. Breakups to Makeup has added slogan tees, crops tops, tanks, and more.

Even better, brand founder Angelique Velez exclusively offered us (and you!) some of her key breakup makeup tips, along with general breakup survival advice. There are two things you can never have too much of and that's makeup bags and breakup advice. #LifeEssentials.

First, let's talk about the fun stuff. Like the bags. The Canvas Clutches are meant to securely hold everything from lip glosses to phones. They are black and therefore "must own" for me. The sayings? OMG, like I can't with these.

You can nab "Please, I can’t even commit to a lipstick" or "I'm only helpless while my nails are drying" or "I may not be perfect but my makeup is." Adorbsies!

Velez and Breakups to Makeup really are about the art of makeup and about not taking things too seriously, as evidenced by the quotes on the bags and tees.

You want to carry this as your handbag, don't you?!

The crops are totally cute and they're not too '90s era Britney Spears, either. There's a choice of styles, from the brand logo, which is a lipstick encased in a heart, and the "Losing you hurt, but losing my makeup bag would be a tragedy" quote. The tanks and tees are so summery and trendy, with a loose fit.

But they standout due to the quotes. "Cross my heart hope to die, stick mascara in my eye" is my personal favorite, but "My makeup made me do it" and "It's not you, it's my makeup" also earn serious crush points.

Brand founder Angelique Velez suggested these tips for "breakup makeup." That is, after you have split with your man, here's how to rebound with makeup. Velez suggests employing an "out with the old, in with the new" philosophy with your beauty products, too!

"I think the best thing to do with your makeup after a breakup is to completely switch it up," Velez told us. "Do something different to feel like a 'new you.' This is the perfect time to explore! Try a different technique on your eyes, like winged liner. If you already do that, add some color into the mix like a teal or purple winged liner. Basically change your staple look!"

You know, she is right! You are coming out of a relationship and trying new things with your life. How about doing the samesies with your look, too!?

Velez furthered, "This will make you feel different to start this next chapter of your life. Brows are a huge trend right now and can really change the way your makeup looks. If you usually go light, go a bit darker or vice versa. You will notice the change instantly. Also, if you have a signature lip [look] that is your 'go-to,' this is the perfect time to whip it out! Wear it, as often as possible, to make you feel confident!"

Velez also offered some practical advice on how to survive breakups IRL that will help you feel better about yourself. That can expedite the healing process.

"The best thing to do post breakup is to focus on yourself," Velez told us. "Do things that you may not have been able to do before, that you enjoy. Go away on a trip, even if it's alone; it will get your mind off things and help you appreciate life. Focus on your own health/beauty, whether it's spending more time at the gym, changing your hair color or makeup regimen, or incorporating new foods into your diet; do things that will help you feel like a better person."

She continued, "The biggest thing is to get out of your house or apartment. It may take some time and that's okay. But give yourself a grieving deadline and move on! It's easier said than done, but trust me, it will make you feel so much better! Enjoy your life and appreciate every moment!"

That's some sound, sage-like advice. Onward and (make)upward.

Images: Breakups to Makeup PR (5); Giphy (2)