Girls of the '90s, get your boy-band squeals ready. Dust off your old 'N SYNC posters, wallets, t-shirts and hats. Open your old AIM named nsyncgrrrl9398. Lance Bass announced he is recording a new single! And he's shooting a music video! Today! Our Teen Beat horoscopes must have finally been right, because today, all of our dreams come true.

Yesterday, Lance posted on his Instagram that he planned to officially announce the single on his show, saying:

Here's the big news! THIS just happened last night! My debut single is done! I will reveal all on today's show at 6pm east Sirius XM 109 ( and yes that's how a bass singer hits high notes , on his toes)

Somehow this makes me imagine Lance Bass singing falsetto over an R&B beat, Maxwell-style, which is too exciting for words.

Today, on his Sirius XM show, Dirty Pop, Lance revealed that his "debut" single is called "Walking on Air," and will be released in January. To show that he is aware of the times, though, Mr. Bass also assured that he is "sure it will leak before then." He also hinted at a mysterious music video probably related to the project, which he is shooting today "in the desert." He sounded moderately excited about the new project, but his goofy, slightly Southern accent belied his true exuberance to be breaking out as a solo artist, years after 'N SYNC.

Commence an all-day Spotify marathon of 'N SYNC's greatest hits.

Image: Lance Bass/Instagram