Kylie Jenner Is A Crop Top Die-Hard

While usually a fan of skimpy dresses and high heels, KJ's latest look proves that her go-to piece is much more casual. Kylie Jenner sported an all white outfit composed of a crop top and matching denim, showing us just how much she loves flaunting her taught tummy. If the youngest Jenner is a pro at anything, it's looking amazing in clothes. Every time the 17-year-old steps out on the scene, she is always decked and dolled up from head to toe in the most killer designer duds.

Jenner posted a photo showing off her sexy look on Instagram with a side-angled selfie. The two-piece ensemble consisted of high-waisted white jeans and a cropped long sleeve white shirt that came down just an inch below her chest. Her jet black locks were parted down the center and styled in a slightly voluminous blowout, and her famous pout was colored with some subtle nude lipstick for extra fullness.

Is it just me, or has she worn this outfit before? Perhaps just in a different color? Seriously though, unless she is on the red carpet, it's pretty much guaranteed she will don a crop top of some sort, it's totally her thing.

Check out the look.

To prove KJ's obsession with crop tops is real, here are seven other times we have seen her in the short style.

1. On Moving Day

Packing and unpacking boxes totally calls for an exposed tummy.

2. To Khloe's Birthday

Love the black and white combo.

3. While Gift Shopping

A girl has got to look good while dropping some serious cash.

4. To North's Birthday

See, she has worn this outfit before.

5. While Taking A Selfie

Jenner loves her matching two-piece sets.

6. On The Private Jet

Crop tops are the official #jetlife uniform.

7. While Shopping With The BFF

BFFs who rock crop tops together, stay together.