5 Shaving Mistakes That Cause Major Irritation

by Emily McClure

From nicks and cuts to bumps and irritation, getting the perfect shave can seem impossible. How are you supposed to be silky smooth when you keep getting bumps? Summertime is meant for shorts and smiles not bandages and bumps. Take the time to avoid simple shaving mistakes by getting yourself into routine. When it comes to shaving, remember that you are dealing with a sharp object. Slow and steady is the only way to go. Eliminate any distracting elements when you're about to shave to avoid any cuts or mishaps.

When you shave, you aren't just removing hair you are also removing skin cells. Improper shaving leads to pores being clogged with dead skin. This is one of the main reasons that you could be seeing bumps. Razor burn not only looks scary, but it also hurts. That's why you need total ninja-like focus every time you handle your razor. Being focused on the task at hand is so important when it comes to your skin. Any quick, jerky movements can lead to disaster with shaving. Wondering what other shaving mistakes you could be making? Here are a few mistakes that could be preventing you from getting the perfect shave.

1. Using shaving products that dry out your skin

There are a lot of shaving creams out there that can be very drying to your skin. Avoid using products that don't promise any moisturizing benefits. When it comes to shaving, you want everything to go smoothly. Having products that are gentle and moisturizing to the skin is the only way to go.

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2. Shaving too soon

Always wait until the end of your shower to shave. The steam from your shower can open up your pores, and soften your hair follicles. This will allow for a smoother shave with less irritating bumps.

3. Not switching out your razor blades

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Gone a few weeks without changing your razor blade? This is a major cause for red bumps and irritation. Dull razor blades absolutely suck at removing hair, and can cause loads of problems for your skin. Save yourself the hassle and change out your razor blade every two weeks.

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4. Going in the wrong direction

If you are shaving your legs, start from the bottom of your legs, and work your way up. Otherwise, you could irritate your skin from shaving like a man wo(man). It's always best to follow the direction of the hair growth. This allows for the hairs to be easily removed with any additional irritation to the skin.

5. Not using a moisturizer

When you shave, you remove the top layer of skin cells from your skin. Replenish your skin by applying a moisturizer to any shaved area. While this will help your skin rejuvenate, it will also feel loads better than having dry skin.

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