Alexa Chung's Latest AG Collection Is So Cool Girl

Who's the coolest girl in the room? Well, in fashion circles, it's usually Alexa Chung, who does the best cat-eye liner and messy bangs of her generation! I admit that it took me a hot minute to get down with this It Girl, but now I totally appreciate and have grown to absolutely love her cool girl vibe. So, yes, I am quite excited about the latest Alexa Chung x AG Collection, which will be available via Avenue 32 on July 23.

The pieces are true to form and certainly play off of Chung's set-the-trend, young 'n' fresh aesthetic.

Want to preview the pieces? Oh, you do, do you? Good, because we have some photos of the latest offerings in the range, which can easily take you from late summer to early fall. They are transitional and super effortless in their casual and stylin' nature.

Of course you can punch the clothes up, or even take them down, depending on the occasion and how you style them. That's entirely up to you. But one thing is for sure. Once you look at the clothes on Chung's frame, you will be instantly inspired to copy how she is wearing them.

That's just how it is with her.

This denim romper is a great summer or fall piece. Wear it with gladiator sandals and it's an August date night outfit. Wear it with booties and it's a perfect choice for the first on-campus party of the new semester.

Yet another beyond cute date outfit. Overall, I love all the detailing of her outfit, from the buttons on the bottom to the piping on the blazer.

This ensemble is a bit more glamsual and for more special occasions. The fishnets give it that "sexy librarian" feel.

Peep the previous Alexa Chung x AG Collection.

Oh, and draw a red Sharpie heart around July 23 in those calendars so you can shop joyously. I am so glad I had my "Come to Jesus" moment with A. Chung!

Images: Avenue 32 (3)