Here's How To Find Your G-Spot

Have you found your G-spot? Maybe you should, because those who have rave about it. A lot. Some people claim that it's the source of some of their strongest and wettest orgasm. To be honest, I've never been particularly desperate to be on the hunt for it —I tend to find things up there usually feel pretty awesome and I don't question it. But the more I hear about it the more interested I am to see if it makes that much of a difference. But to really know, we have to figure out how to find your G-spot.

Despite the fact that it's not that far in, it seems to be a tough one to locate. This means that some people don't really think it exists at all, and only a few studies have been done (some of which come out pro-G spot and some against), so it's difficult to give you a straight medical answer. Even if it does exist, some say that it's not the hyper-sensitive zone some claim it to be. Chances are it's somewhere in the middle— that some people love it, and others find it a bit meh, like any other erogenous zone. But with all the devotion that the true believers have for it, I think it's worth checking out what it does for you.

So how can we find it? There are a few different options.

Solo Exploration:

Firstly, you may want to just mess around solo a little bit. It's a good way to experiment without any pressure of finding it. You can take your time and find out what feels good. How do you find it? Cosmopolitan says:

"Put lube on your middle finger and insert it into your vagina with your palm facing up. Your G-spot is on the top wall of your vagina halfway between your vaginal opening and cervix. The spot should feel a little rough, almost like the surface of a walnut."

If you're struggling, don't fret— a lot of sex toys and vibrators are designed for G-spot stimulation, so you can always have a play with one of those.

With a Partner:

If you'd rather make it a group activity, there are some ways to make finding your G-spot easier. One options is having your partner put your fingers in you and then make a "come here" motion. If you're having hetero sex you start with classic missionary, using a prop can make a big difference. Cosmopolitan suggest that you "put a few pillows under your butt beforehand—this angles your pelvis in a way that makes it easy for your man to target your G-spot."

Try Doggy Style:

If missionary isn't working for you, or you want to try something a little more intense, many recommend doggy style for G-spot stimulation. Dr Pam Spurr tells Men's Health that "a top position for stimulating her G spot is what I call the lazy doggy style... From classic doggy style encourage her to slip down onto her elbows. This lifts and tilts her pelvis so that the end of your penis stimulates her G spot as you thrust."

How Will You Know?

So maybe it feels good, but how do you know if you've reached that elusive G-spot orgasm? Well according to Cosmopolitan "you'll feel like you need to pee (in a good way), and may have some extra lubrication as a result." For some people this means full on squirting, but even if that's not the case for you it does seem that many women have found this kind of orgasm a bit wetter than a clitoral orgasm. It seems to me that everyone is really different as far as lubrication goes, so I wouldn't say it's a decisive factor, but it could definitely be a hint!

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