What Does Your Bookstagram Say About You?

Are books the new bags? Is the #Shelfie the new #Selfie? Of course not — that's crazy talk. But the fact is that we are seeing more and more books being impeccably styled and snapped for Instagram.

My novel The Knockoff, which I wrote my friend Lucy Sykes, was released in May. Since then, we've been inundated with gorgeous 'grams of our book ,which has apparently traveled to some of the most glam spots around the world. We've seen The Knockoff on the beach, by the pool, with a café au lait at an outdoor cafe in Paris, with a pint in a pub in London, and even on top of a mountain in the Andes. It's wildly flattering.

But readers aren't the only one snapping pics of books — both my own and others'. I find myself 'gramming reads on a daily basis. I'm a big fan of the books and snacks 'gram. When I see a tasty plate of nachos I can't help but think, "That would look fantastic next to the latest Kevin Kwan book... with a Valencia filter. What does that say about me? Probably that I have very little self-control... but fabulous taste. At least I think so!

When you think about it, the bookstagram is actually the perfect humble brag: snap a perfect book pic and you look smart 'n' stylish in one fell swoop. Here are some of my favorite bookstagram setups and what they say about the snapper. I bet you didn't realize it could reveal so much about you!

Book and Coffee: The Morning Person

You start your day with coffee and a book. Whether it's an espresso or a fluffy latte, you're up, you're caffeinated and you're ready to tear into some women's commercial fiction.

Book with Snacks: The Hearty Reader

You’re a hearty eater and a hearty reader. Lucy and I are obsessed with this bookstagram of The Knockoff with delicious dumplings from social media rock star Eva Chen.

Book on the Beach: The Vacation Reader

It’s always 5 o'clock somewhere for you. You’re chill. You’re having a good time and you know a good book when you see it.

Book with Beauty Products: The Stylish Reader

You’re not just brain. You’re a beauty, too. You finished Kate Betts' My Paris Dream in a single day, and you're already onto Amanda Brooks' Always Pack a Party Dress .

Book with Pool: The Weekend Reader

You save your reading for a relaxing day by the pool. You have a crazy busy life, but weekends are your time for cracking open a good book poolside. (Of course, these photos make us wonder why everyone has a pool except for us.)

Books on Books: The Reader's Reader

You're the one friends go to when they need a book recommendation. You have more followers on Goodreads than on Twitter. You love, love books, and you know that when it comes to reading, variety is the spice of life.

Book on Face: The Mysterious Reader

Everyone's curious about you. You are mysterious... and have excellent eyelashes. We like that in a person who likes books. You often keep your book opinions to yourself, unless you fall madly in love with a book, then you can't stop talking about it. That or you have a zit on your chin.

Cat on Book: The Homebody Reader

You love nothing more than to curl up with a great book and spend the entire weekend in bed. Or you live in Japan. Cats with books seems to be a wildly popular trend with the Japanese.

Book with Sexy Feet: The Show-Off Reader

You have a large vocabulary and a fabulous pedicure... and you want everyone to know it.

Images: Maria Morri/Flickr; thesuraya, evachen212, vikingbooks, theblondzebras, bowsandsequins, gwenwunder, mcallenlibrary, imnana_c, josieanborem/Instagram