Nic Cage As Every Character From Game Of Thrones

by Kat George

It's nice to know that somewhere out there in the world is an absolute genius who is serving society. That genius comes in the form of an Imgur user who has taken the liberty of photoshopping Nicolas Cage's face onto every Game of Thrones character. It's f*cking glorious. And you know what? I'd watch that show for sure. My favorite thing about this is the painstaking attention to detail, whereby the creator of the images has gone to great lengths to match Cage's expressions to those the character was making. Which Cage's expressions probably helped with, seeing as he seems to be teetering between brooding and concerned most of the time anyway.

"Cage of Thrones," as the photo series is titled, is the perfect way to deal with any Game of Thrones withdrawals you might be feeling. It may not carry you through to next season, but it will make today a little better by bringing a smile to your face. Personally, I think Nic Cage makes an eerily perfect Stannis Baratheon. Hopefully HBO will take this to heart, and give us an Easter Egg cameo by Cage. As an extra in the Dothraki tribe, perhaps? As a White Walker? Or maybe as whatever shadow the Red Witch conjures up next. Check out Cage of Thrones below:

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Proving that all anyone ever wants in this world is the get on Game Of Thrones' level.