15 Brilliant Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom With Books

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I always feel a little weird doing DIY projects where I have to cut up books. I ask myself, Should I be doing this? as I cut through pages that once told a story. But, on the other hand, I have WAY more books than I can fit on my shelf. Plus, some of them are falling apart, or I have extra copies (or five or six copies, if we're talking Pride and Prejudice), so sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice a book or two to in order to create the perfect craft.

And if you're going to chop up a book for a craft, why not choose one where you can display it somewhere in your bedroom once you're finished? Let's be real: a bookshelf is awesome, but it's just one corner of your room. There are so many opportunities to showcase your love of books, and surround yourself with the words you love. Make it so that you’re almost entirely living within the pages of your favorite books with these literary decorating ideas… just make sure your favorite novels are stored safely away from the scissors.

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