Heartwarming Celebrity News To Actually Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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As a celebrity and entertainment writer, I spend most of the year being snarky, and making fun of celebrities and their foibles. It's fun, people like it, and it's the nature of the job, but on a day like Thanksgiving, it just doesn't feel right to snark and snarl my way through work. Thanksgiving is about looking around you and seeing all the wonderful bits, the little things in life that give you a big ole' case of the warm and fuzzies.

So for one day (and one day only), I want to talk about all the celebrity news that is genuinely good, and that we'd like to give thanks for. The heartwarming news stories of this year might have disappeared inside a twerking teddy bear's butt crack, but goddammit, today is the day to pull them out (oh, ew, this metaphor just got so weird) and celebrate things that have gone well for our favorite famous people.

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