Moschino Looney Tunes Collection Is Full Of Embellished Goods Sure To Make You Nostalgic & Looney

If Cartoon Network doesn't satisfy your cravings for wit and whimsy, Moschino's Looney Tunes collection of accessories for fall 2015 may just do the trick. At first glance, Moschino's latest Jeremy Scott-designed collection appears quite ordinary for an internationally acclaimed brand, featuring Louis Vuitton-esque label-inscribed leather on a chocolate brown backdrop. On closer inspection, however, cheeky cartoon characters pop against the austere backdrop, from a golden carrot-adorned Bugs Bunny atop a chained wallet to a baseball cap-clad Tweety Bird scrawled on an iPhone cover. Who says adults can't spend quality time with their favorite cartoon characters after the age of 10? As Moschino's principal creative mastermind, Scott appears to believe adults can have it all in terms of their wardrobe.

Footwear News reports that consumers can now snap up the eccentric collection on the Moschino website, but be forewarned: The cartoons come at a steep cost. Moschino's embellished iPhone 6 covers ring in at $70, and the collection's Tweety-adorned Medium Fabric Bag clocks in at a hefty $950.

Meanwhile, footwear fanatics can indulge in a pair of $495 Sylvester Cat Flats, the first of a several Looney Tunes-ornamented shoe designs to hit the website. However, true cartoon devotees may find that no price is too high for a touch of childhood idiosyncrasy in their quotidian routines. One lingering glance at the collection and you may find yourself in a full-blown Pepé le Pew-esque coup de foudre with Moschino's chic wares. Scroll through for some of the collection's most covetable pieces.

Moschino Ballet Flats, $495,

Moschino Wallet, $595,

Moschino iPhone 6 Case, $70,

Moschino Medium Fabric Bag in Yellow, $950,

Moschino Medium Fabric Bag in Brown, $795,

Images: Courtesy Moschino