How To Hide A Farmer's Tan Without Making That Uneven Sun Damage Worse

Growing up in Middleofnowhere, Indiana, I have learned what to do when you get a "farmer's tan." In fact, I'm pretty sure my hometown coined the term. It was practically a rule of them that you had to have a farmer's tan to be in the in crowd at my high school. And drive-your-tractor-to-school-day was the best day to show the tan lines off.

I, however, never adopted the attraction to the farmer's tan. It was definitely a sign of achievement and hard work in my small town, and I completely respect the unspoken rule. In fact, when I was forced to detassel corn for my first job, I was mortified by the fact that I, too, was going have to adopt the farmer's tan. Instead of staying in my state of anxiety, I decided to do something about it.

Take a look at the list of seven things to do in case you ever find yourself in Middleofnowhere, Indiana, or simply having an especially long outdoor brunch in a tee shirt. Whatever the cause of your farmer's tan, the reaction is the same: Must go away. Especially in the summertime when you have every excuse to wear sleeveless shirts around your city.

1. DO NOT Go to a Tanning Bed

Not because you'll get stuck (unless you're living out a Final Destination film) but because tanning itself is not good for your skin. While this may help even out your tan, the longterm problems that can be caused by tanning beds is worse than dealing with weird tanlines for a couple of weeks.

2. DO NOT Get a Spray Tan...

...Unless you've done your research. If this is your first spray tan, you may not know how which salon is best for you. In the worst scenario, you skin could turn orange and then your problem area only becomes bigger.

3. Exfoliate & Moisturize Daily

Brenna Davis of Healthy Living Index suggests applying lotion your skin daily (or a few times a day, if you're really worried) to get rid of the horrible tan line. According to Davis, exfoliating the skin removes the dead skin cells caused by tanning, and the lotion will soothe any dryness.

4. Try a Lemon

In the same article, Davis suggests rubbing a lemon between the tanned and un-tanned areas. Davis says lemon juice speeds up the healing process by breaking down the dead skin cells. She advises, however, to only do this in the shower so as to get all the lemon is rinsed off. Otherwise, the juice could irritate the skin more.

5. Try Self-Tanner

For Glamour Magazine's wedding section, Petra Guglielmetti responded to two worried bridesmaids about their tan lines. Guglielmetti suggested trying a gradual self-tanner that will darken over the course of days, instead of weeks. She warned not to use the self-tanner until at least a half hour after your shower and to carefully apply. If you are not familiar with the self-tanner you're trying, apply carefully in case it has an orange-tint.

6. Use Body Scrub

Like a lemon and exfoliator, a rough body scrub will help break down dead skin cells and even out your skin tone more quickly.

7. Avoid the Outside World

This seems obvious, but it may be the most important key. Staying in the sun could only worsen the tan line. Especially if you wear different sleeve lengths on different days.

Images: Laura Taylor/Flickr; Giphy (7)