Obama Weighs In On Peas And Guac

Some of the great questions of our time: Are there enough lawyers on the planet to bring all of Donald Trump's legal threats to life? When, oh when, will Blue Bell be back on grocery store shelves? Why on earth would anyone combine guacamole and peas, and would the leader of the free world eat it? As of right now, we have at least one firm answer: Obama weighed in on guacamole with peas, a New York Times invention, during a #AskPOTUS session Wednesday, noting that the combination soiled the good name of the United States and that it's the kind of thing Sarah Palin would eat for dinner. (I'm paraphrasing.)

A little backstory: Obama's personal POTUS account was launched back in May — Obama's other account is run largely by his administration — and he's been firmly on the Twitter train since, Tweeting frenziedly about Charleston, gay marriage, foreign policy, climate change, you name it. Oh, you mean the whole guacamole with peas travesty? Well, that was kicked off by the Times, which innocently published an article recommending that one adds peas to guacamole. This sparked an Internet firestorm, as many light-hearted New York Times articles are wont to do. The seemingly inconsequential addition of peas to guac was widely derided as, well, ruining guac. Guac is, after all, an American staple, or at least has been since our inaugural visit to Chipotle.

Responding to Twitter user Justin Green, Obama had this to say.

On this, the entire country, it seems, can agree: Guac is guac. It has no parallel, and it needs no additions. It belongs in burritos, with chips, in unnecessary but appealing-looking stone bowls, and for the love of God, not with freaking peas. It's no surprise that Obama's having one of the most popular weeks in recent memory. Obama rejects peas in guac. Obama is a man of the people.

Honestly, my favorite part of this entire #AskPOTUS session was Obama's abject refusal to capitalize. Hell, "America" isn't even capitalized in his Tweets. It has an E. E. Cummings feel to it. I'm into it.

BTW, We tried the actual recipe so you don't have to & trust us, you don't really want to:

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